A blend of automatic and magic; this is from the principle, (often called Clarke's third law); any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This is the target in our minds before we start developing any of our IT projects. A process carried out automatically, in such a clever way, that the result appears to be magic; this is our basic inspiration.

We are focused on being industry leaders in software development ideas and solutions, but our main focus is solely on delivering great user experiences.

Our automagical department mission refers to ideas, creation and maintenance of quality information technology services. Our sub focus is always to develop high quality services at competitive prices, to be the leader of innovation and to build new ranges of software products for people worldwide.

This is the way we work and do business, usually expressed through different ranges of projects. We focus to create improvements and better user experiences in precise selected niches of the IT industry. Our projects best represent us and we have a simple list of these projects on our home page.